Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sometimes it's best to just go ahead and plagiarize and ask for forgiveness later, IF anyone reads your stuff.  No, I read this fantastic article this morning on "hide-and-seek" which can be found at  In the article I was reminded of the ridiculous games I've had with David and Teya.

There's a wide variety of games we play.  "Wrestle" is their favorite, but it involves all sorts of spin-offs.  Our pre-wrestle warm up is to run to Melissa's and my room, begin growling "wrestle" and rip our shirts off.  We're ready...

Then all of heaven breaks loose.  Teya asks for "Rocket" - where I swing her in a circle and basically slam her on the bed hoping she won't just skip across it and fall off (this hasn't happened yet, but like those movies with cliffs in them, she's come really close and caught a hand-full of bed-spread to avoid plunging to her demise).

David typically whines while we do this, just begging for us to wrestle.  So when I'm tired of throwing Teya all over the place, I hop up onto the bed and David tries his muscles out on Dad (Teya meanwhile gets into a popular and more realistic fighting stance - on her back - and begins aiming kicks at my groin.  This has since been outlawed.)  But David is fantastic!  He bares his teeth, furrows his brow and just takes on this persona of the baddest little dude ever.  I love it.

So why am I sharing all this?  Well if you don't have little ones, I hope you can hear a snippet of how God loves you seeping out through my paternal gushings.

I just love playing with my kids.  And as painful as the kicks to the groin can be, as well as the poorly aimed punches that hit me in the ear or some other not-so-sturdy spot, I find it totally worth the risk.

I believe God plays "Wrestle" with us.  He did it with Jacob, and he does it with us every day we want to play.  And as the kids and I decide to take a break and go get Mommy, run around her in our under-wear all the while chanting "Hubba, hubba, hubba!" there's even something here that reflects our going out into the world with God and sharing his good news: "hubba."  Enjoy Him because he enjoys you.

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Anonymous said...

hey mate - enjoyed the very minor borrowing of ideas from wondering fair! ... nice post :) ... and apologies for slow replies - just got back from holidays in NZ - will speak more soon - Dave Benson.