Friday, January 13, 2012

Die Printer, Die!

"Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God.  Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son." - 2 John 1:9

I make the mistake of just reading my bible a lot.  I forget to abide in it.  I forget to let it's truths wash over me and form me.  I sit down, read, get up and go about my day, one more box checked off.  This leaves me feeling good about myself but not feeling good.  It's sort of like after I've eaten a Big Mac (without the nausea).

The goodness that God offers is not quantifiable, it's inexhaustible.  It's inexhaustible because it comes in the form of Himself.  This echoes John Piper's greatest teaching: that God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.

And to relate to God, to abide, to find him as my refuge and the restorer of my soul, now that's where it's at.  That's satisfying.  That's where the magic of the gospel is at.  In Christ I now can relate unhindered with God.

It says in the verse above above that if we abide in the teaching we have "both the Father and the Son."  Heads have exploded throughout history trying to understand this core concept: that we can actually have God.  Are you kidding me?!

And like I've said in previous posts I yawn at these truths.  At core I often don't really believe this stuff.  It's too alien to my experience.

If you check the time of this post, you'll realize that I am up way to early.  I had a terrible day yesterday.

I spent almost an hour staring at my computer trying to get the *&@*# printer to work at the office (I'm convinced that all printers are going to hell).  Then I read a book on parenting, which even though it was really good, thought it would be fun to beat the daylights out of my parenting style.

Then, being a total glutton for punishment, I read some Systematic Theology by Grudem, which went on and on and on, yes, and on, about God's immutability.   By this time my eyes glossed over and I thought, "I wish I could just die."

So when I got home I did the next best thing, I told the kids I was sick (white lie) and crawled into bed.  I slept from about 6PM till 3AM.  Hey, maybe I'm turning into a farmer!

But this morning has been weird, I've actually had a good time (along with the roosters and the English - who are probably eating crumpets by now).  There's not a printer in site and I've had time to meditate and listen to God.  And what he's speaking to me is really encouraging stuff ("Uh-oh, Philip's getting all charismatic on us, he's probably waving his hands around in worship and all that craziness...")

He's reminding me that abiding in him is my number one priority.  Being still and allowing him to speak to me.  Being still and allowing him to lead.  Being still and allowing him to help me face my fears.  Being still and allowing his fullness to fill my emptiness.

It's a good thing that God is awake at 3AM.  Otherwise I don't know what I'd do.  I'd probably go feed the chickens.  "Yuk, let them eat cake. I say, would you pass the Mar-mite?"



Mike said...

Great stuff about abiding, Philip. Thanks. I don't know if you've ever come across the devotional by Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling." Each day's reading is a short message presented as though penned by Jesus directly to the reader. Yesterday's reading offered something really simple and practical that may help me abide in Christ through the day. She says, "Stay in continual communication with Me, whispering My Name whenever you need to redirect your thoughts." I'm bad about having prayer in the morning and then putting my nose to the grindstone the rest of the day and forgetting about God. So I think it might help me to actually whisper "Jesus" now and then as I move through the day, reminding myself of his companionship and partnership. Ask me how it's going next time we meet.

Philip said...

Will do. I've actually just picked up that book now that you mention it. At first I was a little skeptical, judging from the cover and all. But the more I check it out the more I am excited to really dig in and even practice what she did in writing the book by writing down what God's saying to me in the moment. Great thought on saying his name through the day too. Thanks! Oh, and it was so cool to have a comment this morning :)!