Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Spiritual Ear-Wax

"May I always be amongst those who not only hear thee but know thee, who walk with and rejoice in thee..." - The Valley of Vision, pg. 12

As I study God it's so easy to just stop up short.  To stop up short at knowing stuff about God and not enter in to actually knowing God.  To hear things about God, but not even listen to God.

So much clogs up my ears, and I'm not just talking ear-wax - thought Melissa thinks I have a problem with this.  I think that that what really keeps me from presently knowing God is not entering in to the cycle of love, trust and obedience.

I say "cycle" of these three because I believe that they all feed eachother.  As another blogger, Pastor Paul at, reminded me today, obedience is birthed from the relationship of love and trust.  As I trust, I obey.  As I obey, I love.  As I love, I trust.  I love it!  I could mix those up all day.

I stumble when I think that I've got to feel God's love before I obey, for obedience may be the vehicle through which he wants me to feel his love.

Anyhow, I struggle with actually knowing my God.  But it is good to know that he knows me, knows my struggle and my mental hiccups, and all the games I play to try and get out of obedience.  And he knows how tempted I am to run my own life, find my own blessings and live for my moments rather than his.

And I am convinced that his knowledge is what will win the day in my life.

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