Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mornings are Mean

From the cocoon of the warm, soft bedsheets, I roll over and look at the clock: 11AM!  I roll back over and curl back up into my cocoon, thinking "I'm just not ready yet.  Plus, I've been sleeping on my hands, and they're still asleep.  I need to give them time to wake."

The truth is, I'm rarely ever ready to wake up.  Mornings hit me like a 2'x4' to the back of my head.  Well actually it's more like a 2"x4".  

That's why, when I finally muster up the energy and courage to slide out of my warm, sweet, peaceful and blissful cocoon of soul-nourishment (usually b/f 11AM!), the first thing I have to do is kneel and mumble my way through a prayer.

Typically, as my brain hasn't yet entered into the realm of actual cognition, I pray the Lord's Prayer -  "... thy kingdom come, thy will be done..."

And the reality is I'm pleading with God just to give me the energy to make my bed.  After that I know he will help me take on the barking dogs of life.  But it's hard when faced with a day, for people like me (the morning haters), to believe that we'll get through.  

But the truth is, I'm blogging, I'm 36 years old, I have 2 kids, I have an amazing wife, I have a job to go to that I really enjoy, and I have a God who's continuing to pursue my heart.  I am ridiculously blessed!

But then there are these danged mornings.  Why is it that in the morning, everything looms so scary-like?  It's like I have monsters leaning over my bed taunting me and prodding me with their gnarled claws, laughing as I curl up and dive deeper under the sheets.

Teya and David pop out of bed like jack-in-the-boxes.  In fact so does Melissa.  What's their deal?  For them, the day must be full of stuff like "potential" and chirping birds and Mary Poppins floating around with umbrellas.  For me, well, I wouldn't mine shooting a few of their birds with a bb gun.

Where am I going with all of this, other than just whining.  Honestly, I'm not exactly sure.  But I just wanted to post something in case their are any other fellow morning-haters out there who will commiserate with me, and perhaps pray for me in the after-noon.  For us, perhaps heaven will always and only begin at noon.

Until then we can just do our best to mumble prayers and lean hard on God in the hopes we don't kill anyone before we reach our liquid elixir of life.  Coffee, mmm.       

Note on picture: My parents gave me this alarm clock.  I love the irony of facing the dark-side each morning.  Of course Storm-troopers were always so easy to kill.  Even with his diminutive size, my one's been hard to kill.  There's something in those dark eyes that says, "You better pray boy.  You better pray.  Pray!  I will zap you boy!"