Monday, March 7, 2011

Meditate Good Times, Come On!

"Meditation" is a dangerous word in a lot of Christian circles. I know it has been in mine. And for good reason. Hinduism and Buddhism, while they have much to teach us - and should be studied, are ultimately the wrong paths and will lead to destruction.

I've been wrestling with this recently and asking myself what is "Christian meditation"? What does it look like? I think I've been afraid of demons for so long that I've neglected this art of pausing and allowing God to speak into my life.

I am a novice at letting God's word transform my mind. Even now as I write I'm supposed to be reading my Bible and meditating on the given word of God. And I've settled for researching Christian views on meditation! Not a bad thing to do, but isn't this my fallen human spirit at work? I look everywhere but to God for answers.

Being a writer at heart, I often think that the answers are inside me. That if I would just pause and slow down, that I would find the inner peace I'm looking for. That by clearing my mind of all thoughts and leaving my body I would be in a place where I could draw strength, nourishment and grace for living. That if I would just blog long enough and explore my innermost thoughts, I would find where I err and draw close to God.

These are dangerous patterns of thought. They lead to more of self and not less. Yes, I need to slow down and meditate. But I need to meditate on God, not myself. I need to allow him to show me my thoughts, truths about my body and createdness and guide me in the one true path.

So how am I called to meditate? I believe we are called to meditate on God in an infinate variety of ways. But the infinate ways must be founded in scripture, and as my parents would be quick to point out scripture that is read correctly and not taken out of context. The Biblical story is God's story of love to us. And it is in meditating on that that we can go to the pool of peace, strength and hope that refreshes. It is there that we hear from the Spirit.

Melissa was meditating on the Abrahamic Covenant last night and connecting it to the cross. I knew where she was going so I was like "Blah, blah, blah, no duh..." But thankfully the Spirit interupted me, with a gentle encouragement to wake up and listen. Sure enough she had stumbled upon something big that I had never thought about.

I bet you'd like me to share that with you now. I won't, since I'm kind of a jerk sometimes, and it may be a helpful exercise for you to meditate on these two events. In other words, I don't want to be that guy who says "You haven't seen the Matrix? It's all about this guy who lives in a fake reality created by robots! You should totally see it!" And if you haven't seen the Matrix, then I'm terribly sorry. I thought it would be better to pop that bubble then the one that may expand from examining the cross side by side with the covenant with Abraham.

Anyways, I should grab a bite to eat and then get down to the real business of Christian meditation: reading God's word and asking the Spirit's guidance for Life (with a capital "L"). I love how in Christ we have all the answers! I only half way believe this most of the time. But it's true, at least about all the answers we need anyway...

My conclusion on meditation, is in practise am I playing God or am I allowing God to play you? If I'm allowing God, the God of the Bible, to play me, I believe I'll be in a good place, a place I'll want to visit again, again and again. So here's to a deep renewal of Christian Meditation, let's not let all the Hindus have all the fun!

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