Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bees Make Me Feel Stoopid

"The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent."

-Moses responding to the first "Are we there yet?" (It wouldn't be the last time he fielded that one).

The Israelites had barely slipped their sandled toes onto the first tiny grains of sand in the wilderness before they were complaining. Of course, I don't blame them, they had a massive Egyptian horde after them. The Israelites sometimes get a bad rap. I think I'd at least be muttering something uncouth under my beard. As an Israelite I'd have a really scraggly beard and would never, ever have to bathe. I'd look like a pirate. My son David would love it.

I grumble all the time. As a "writer," it's practically part of my profession. But there are times, where God clearly tells me to be silent and watch him work. This seems to be one of those days.

Today I suffer from what I'd call a "queenless, bee-hive mind," thoughts are buzzing willy-nilly all over the place in my brain, searching for something sweet to land on. Thinking of, one landed in my coke way back when ... when I was a teenager, when I was young, when I had a world of possibilities in front of me, when I had a long life to live with little to no consequences, when I wasn't the grizzled and bedraggled old coon-fart that I've become... Anyhow, it gave me quite a crunchy surprise. I then mused that whilst I was in the dawn of my years I do prefer bees outside of my mouth.

But as my thoughts buzz, God's telling me, ever so tenderly, to slow down, to be quiet and to watch. Watch him do his thing. And when God says things like this, stand back... Way back. Ten-years-old-having-made-your-first-model-rocket-out-of-everyday-household-items back.

God is doing something in this crazy world I live in. And this morning, I can't quite put my finger on it. But it's nice to be reminded who's in control. It's something I need to hear everyday. Even if I can barely hear anything above the bees, and my own grumblings.

So rather than write on and on, I'm going to try and watch. "For I only have to be silent..."

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