Monday, February 11, 2013

The Gospel Order

"Unless you have said, 'Whatever I discern as your (God's) will I will do unconditionally, you're not a Christian."   - Tim Keller (in sermon on Abraham)

Maybe it's just me but statements like these make me want to pack up my office bag, go home, get back in bed, curl up under the covers and give up on this whole Christ-following thing.  When have I ever experienced unconditional surrender to God?  All of my surrender seems so riddled with fear, control, manipulation and self-interest that it's a miracle God calls me his child.

Or does he?

This question is the question that drives me into despair.  It is this insecurity that produces the fear of my life.

The gaping gulf between me as I know me, and me as a fully surrendered child of God, leads me to despair.  Who am I really?  Am I a child of God?  Or am I just pretending?

I am just pretending if my security lies in my actions or level of surrender.  But, and I realize this may be a  stretch, if my security lies in someone, say Jesus, and his obedience and his full surrender, than I am such a child.

Grace precedes faith.  Salvation precedes obedience.  The gospel order.  I guess it's important to remember even if you're listening to Keller.