Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reality Check

As I stare at the blinking cursor on my laptop, I'm thinking, in this whole world of wonder, what should  I write about?  I just got finished reading about God's perspective on time from Ann Voskamp.  She was saying that the creator of time wants me to slow down, notice the good around, and give thanks.  When  I do this, I'm really, really surprised.  My world is full of things to be thankful for.  Here's a brief list off the top of my head from this morning:

1.  Dear friend/brother who's flying across the nation to meet me.
2.  Children who greeted me with smiles this morning.  One was a less toothy smile as she's losing them - a whole backstory full of tooth-faries, longings, imagination and childhood.
3.  A building and place to go to to work.  Something to pour my energy into that brings God joy.  
4.  A warm cup of coffee and a inside joke between friends.
5.  15 minutes with a friend to sit down, pray and encourage him in his intense pre-engagement worries and fears.
6.  A book that opens my eyes to the world around me, and enables me to plagiarize what I see into a blog post.
7.  My own frailty, tiredness and background fear that lifts my eyes heavenward in a plea for divine rest.  Divine rest granted.
8.  A spouse at home caring, nurturing, teaching and loving my children.
9.  A two day work week (since my brother's coming into town).
10.  The ability to write this stuff down, nail it in, and feel the "soul-holes" of my heart being filled and healed (burrowed again from the book).

As I look at this list, just ten in ten-thousand un-thanked for blessings, I am encouraged.  Life can be full of so much hurry, worry, loss, pain, dread and death, that I must, I simply have to become a creature of thanks.  Thanks for God's gifts open me up to him.  And in this intimacy I believe I am really alive.  So here's to thankful living, toast it with your favorite beverage.