Monday, June 4, 2012


I felt like an old man.  One who hasn't aged so well.  The winds of life had blown hard and I felt grizzled, hard and mean.  "I'm only 36," I'm thinking, "what's going on?"

I watched as our pastor broke the bread and we ate.  Then I watched as he held the cup and rambled.  "Blah, blah, blah, I've done this a million-gazillion times" I'm thinking.  But before we drank, something unexpected happened.

The lady serving the elements knelt down beside me, looked up at me with a kind smile, and said, "Christ's blood shed for you."

I had been holding out.  My heart had been clouded and cold through the praise songs.  My soul was elsewhere through the sermon.   But now, through her kneeling, her smile and her words, my inner-plates were shifting.

Through her I heard that Christ's blood was shed for me.  Christ's blood shed even for the old, embittered and jaded.

Frankly, when I received the element, I couldn't believe my luck.  Here was the medicine I needed!  Medicine for my aging problem.

Greedily I took it and drank.

As I look back on this seemingly small event I'm reminded of Jesus' glory.  It's most magnified when he smiles with loving pity on the hard, crusty, disillusioned and yes, even the melo-dramatic.

And it reminds me of the importance of spiritual truths becoming human.  Things said and done human-to-human, bring us closer to God.

This lady's actions remind me that simple words and "small" deeds can and will do great things in the kingdom of God.  Why?  Because of the King.