Friday, June 22, 2012

Listening In

I love John 17 or Jesus' "high priestly prayer".  It's one of my favorite, if not my favorite passages of scripture.  First because it's so relationally real, talking of stuff I can barely believe.  And second because of it screams the heart of Jesus, a heart bent on love.

Jesus' love is not just poured out in this prayer in some whimsical, frilly fashion, it is extremely intentional, and he talks to God, simply asking that we might experience eternal life and "this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God..."

He continues to pray about oneness, that we "may be one even as we (God and Jesus) are one".  We're being invited into the greatest relationship the world has ever known.  In fact it's the one that predates the world, the relationship of Jesus with his father.  Cool.

I've written a lot on Teya and David, but my relationship with Melissa fuels us.  We share a oneness that is unique.  We delight in each-other and mourn with each-other.  We want to grow more and more one.  We want to experience all of life together, and we crave time spent together.  Between us, time and relationship meet.  Now we're definitely not perfect, often we're like ships simply passing in the night, but the desire and commitment we have reflects the desire of Jesus, that we may be one.

I love it that Jesus emphasizes that eternal life is to know God.  Time and life all have their source in God.  Time takes on meaning and becomes a gift even as life does when we draw close to the God who is never far from any of us.

And later in the passage Jesus says he's praying these things so we'll hear them and have his "joy fulfilled" in us.  In the prayer we see the heart of God.  A heart that is so for us, in just a little while he's going to make it all happen through pain and suffering.  You got to love this guy.