Friday, February 3, 2012


"Jesus wept."  - John 11:35

I heard a friend relating his frustration with his past today.  He just wished he could let it go and forget about it.

Another friend piped up and said "I don't think God wants us to forget our pasts."

I agree.  In the story of Lazarus, Jesus took time to mourn even though he knew the outcome.  Jesus had to mourn, for he was "deeply moved" (it says this twice in the passage) by his friend's death.

God wants me to remember my past mistakes and heartaches so that I can go through appropriate mourning. Harder said than done right?

But appropriate mourning, moving through my past while deeply troubled, is a step I must take to see God's "glory be known."

Jesus want's his glory to be known in my life.   And in the Lazurus story I see that I am not only to mourn my past but more importantly that God mourns with me.

This for me is a great comfort.  To know that not only am I being made knew, but the God who is remaking me, is also "deeply troubled" and weeping with me over my past mistakes.

May I weep with Jesus today that I might see his glory tomorrow.

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