Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mr. Anxious

"...casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

I get anxious all the time. Little things make me anxious. Big things make me anxious. Even as I'm typing, I'm anxious about an errand I have to run today. (I've got to drive my bosses kids to the airport. What if I can't find his house? What if I get in a wreck? What if I can't find the airport? What if I run over my boss, back over his kids and then a plane wrecks on all of us?)

If I was in a Mr. Man book I'd be "Mr. Anxious". And since my favorite colour is blue, I'd be a hunched over blue dude with huge blood-shot popping eyes and big hands that I could wring constantly.

The verse gives Mr. Anxious hope. Its set in the context of Peter's last few pieces of advice to a group of Christians who were being persecuted. And prior to telling them to cast their anxieties on God, he encourages them to humble themselves. The two seem to be connected.

When I'm anxious, I'm not being humble. I'm trying to control things that are outside my control. I'm playing God.

I often go on and on about my fears, worries and anxieties, all the while thinking I'm being honest, transparent and humble. Now I may be the first two but I'm not humble. Humility is knowing my place before a God who cares for me.

And as I'm sitting here, I'm thinking, "Man, do I live in a constant state of sin or what?" Pretty much. But I serve a God who cares for me and each day is shaping me. All I've got to do is what Peter says earlier in chapter 4 - "entrust (your) soul to a faithfull Creator while doing good."

"Lord have mercy on me a sinner. Oh and have mercy on Mr. Anxious too."

(picture found at themistermen.co.uk)


hazel trotter said...

Dear Philip, Polly let me read your last week's blog. I am so proud of you! Your writing is absolutely fantastic. The only problem is that you are more profound than you think that you are. You are never silly. I'm not a teen ager and I certainly understand families and children. You are a master at this. I love all four of you.I may never be able to read or write you again. Andrea helped me. Love,Mema and MERRY CHRISTMAS

Philip said...

Hi Mema,
Thank you so much for the complement! I love you and hope you get my reply. Andrea might check it. I'm really impressed that you commented on a Blog post. You're so hip :)! I am so glad you are getting to spend Christmas with the family! Love, Philip