Friday, January 21, 2011


Dude and dudettes! This is my 5oth blog! So I want to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to write down some random thoughts that nobody in their right mind will ever read? Actually, I read my stuff all the time, totally overlooking grammar, syntax and spelling issues (I find my mess-ups endearing). It's sort of narcissistic, but hey we all need a little narcissism in our day. It makes us feel beautiful and reminds us that we really are the center of the cosmos.

That's why I'm so excited about having reached 5o blog posts. It validates what I'm doing. Soon publishers will be knocking on my door. They'll line up, begging for a chance to have a piece of me. And while I will generously hear their pleas, listening with polite interest, I will sadly announce that because of my rising fame, I'm going to publish my own work independently. "After all," I will remind them, "it is about me!"

That's the danger of blogging: seeing your writing in any sort of organized fashion, may lead you to believe that you must be heard for you are profound, deep and relevant. The truth that I'm learning is that I am simply one among many, and by "many" I mean 6.5 billion peeps. I've got nothing to add that hasn't been said already in one form or another. "Blah, blah, blah," Philip writes.

But some things need to be said again and again. Like how mysterious our God is. How wild his passionate love for us is. How he is a sure anchor for our souls. How the Gospel speaks and speaks and speaks. How it's always "Good" and always "New" in any and every situation we find ourselves in. I guess that's why it's called the Good News!

And there's things about me that are begging to be let out. Things that I can only work out if I write about them. Thoughts, fears, struggles, and joys that writing seems to purify and reveal. Some of you might not think of yourselves as writers. Some of you may sit down in front of the computer and express your life story in "I woke up and brushed my teeth. The END." But I really doubt it. I've never met anyone who's story wasn't interesting, and whose fears, struggles, hopes, joys and thoughts didn't help me in my journey.

So some of you may not like writing. I understand. It wasn't until I was given the freedom to really write some lame stuff, that I began to enjoy it. Plus, my Mom and Dad enjoy my lame stuff, for which I have to give them a hand for being encouraging beyond reason. They rejoice in my thoughts. Maybe because they know me and they are thoroughly surprised that I think!

It's funny, I can't wait to see what my kids will write about. If they choose to notice that peanut butter is made out of peanuts and are fascinated by it's qualities, I'll be thrilled! Why? Because those kids are my kids. What they write and do is precious to me.

And of course this leads me to how God must view us. If he "rejoices over us with singing" and "dances over us," my guess is that he goes absolutely nuts when we attempt to create and reflect his beauty. It's a cool and encouraging thought.

And speaking of encouraging, it's sunny outside, I've had some really good coffee, it's Friday and I've reached 50 entries. If you struggle with melancholy like I do, times like this are times to celebrate, times to revel in and times to relish, because I think they might give us just a hint of what the real celebration will be one day when we little creators meet our Big Creator. Just imagine the projects we'll take on together, imagine the curiosities overturned, the laughter and the bottomless depth of satisfaction of working in line, in tune and in concert with God. I hope you get a taste of this reality now!

Thanks for reading.

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