Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name." - Ephesians 3

I looked over at David who was intensely focused on his McDonald's hash-browns, tenderly biting in to them and rolling them around in his little mouth in an attempt to devour whilst not burning.  As I watched David eat, something that I can only describe as a peculiar father-feeling swept over me: with this little guy by my side we could take on the world.

While I've got to admit that it was sort of a ludicrous thought, there's something to it.  Familial bonds can be just that strong.  They can and are world changers.

David and Teya really look up to me.  They absolutely adore me and observe everything I do.  While this might  be ego inflating, it's really humbling as half of the time at least I have no idea what I'm up to.  But like the two little groupies they are, they invite me in to everything they want to do.  What an honor!

After our sneaky McDonald's run this morning (Melissa raised her eye-brows in dietary disaproval when she found out), David and I motored around the local skate-park.  David has this little bike without pedals (pictured above) that's freed him to really feel how a bike coasts, and he's taking it to whole new levels as he zips up and down the ramps.

With his little body hunched forward and a fierce grin he just "let's her rip"!  He must feel safe with me around, knowing that he gets to imitate Dad (the Dad who is awesome BTW) and that Dad will be there if he has a really rad wipe-out.  He loves to crash.

This togetherness we experience has got to be a key to what God intended for family.  Heck, it's what he intends for us in him.  There are so many parallels in all this that I'm trying to sort out where to go...

Ah, here it is:  At my very best I am a dim but real reflection of God as a father -  a father desiring that David not be concerned that he's obeying my rules (though that's important for his own sake) but that David love life because I am by his side.  As I ponder this, I realize that God calls himself Father precisely because he is that - the ultimate Dad.

So when I get home and David begins punching me in the mid-drift and I swivel my hips to avert disaster and Teya comes running just absolutely begging to play Legos or Barbies or Draw or Paint or Tea-party, I've got to say, "Hold on, what's going on Lord?  Is it possible that you can love me more than I do these?"

"Absolutely, I love being together!"

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