Thursday, April 26, 2012

The News

I've been listening to the news on NPR a lot recently.  Besides depressing me and giving me a headache, it's got  me thinking about justice.  Justice, what is it?  And justice, where is it?

I'm not even sure I want to write about this stuff right now, because I don't want to get more depressed.  The nature of the news seems to be that the more morbid, the more vile, the more sordid, the more add-you-ugly-descriptor-here, THE BETTER!  We love this stuff, so the news dishes it up by the Bob-Cat load (I fantasize about owning a Bob-Cat a lot, owning lots of land and building trails and jumps and biking my life away.  Right now it wouldn't fit in my garage.)

But back to justice, God knows what it is right?  And as our culture seems to get more and more barbaric, I imagine that we'll be asking this question a lot.

What does it mean that "God's justice and love kiss at the cross"?  What does justice it entail?  My simple take on it is that justice is when things are made right and are made good - like a cool glass of water in the desert.

Is news media simply neutral?  I don't believe it is, because they report what we want to hear.  And the more our fascination with the opposite of justice grows, the more they feed us.  In a sense, you could say that even the news is unjust:  What's bad becomes good, what's wrong is stated as the way it is, and the consumer (me in this case) loses a sense for goodness, rightness and the way things should be.

There's tons that could and has been written on this, and I'll admit that I'm not all that deep when it comes to social critique, but even I can tell that what the news reports is not only making me sick but is a symptom of my sickness.

Since I don't listen to the news much, I'm the kind of guy that people love to interview on the street with questions like "Is Mexico going to become a new US State in the coming presidential election?  Yes or No?"  But part of me (the not simply lazy part) does not listen to the news, because one human cannot hear or see so much of hell and not be effected.

Which makes me wonder, what will the news be like in heaven?        

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